How Should I prepare for Admission to Chiropractic College?

Articulation Agreements and “3 + 1” Programs

Sherman College of Chiropractic has articulation agreements in place with the institutions listed below to streamline your undergraduate preparation for chiropractic college. You can save time and money getting your pre-requisites, bachelor’s degree, and doctor of chiropractic degree.

Each state sets its own requirement for obtaining a license to practice chiropractic. For example, some states require a bachelor’s degree to become licensed. Check the state’s licensing requirements HERE for the state where you plan to practice before you decide how to complete your pre-requisites.

Transfer and Articulation Agreements

Not all states require a bachelor’s degree to be admitted to chiropractic college. You can prepare by earning 90 semester hours at one of the partner institutions below.

Fast Track 3 + 1 Agreements

Save a full year. Get your bachelor’s degree and your doctor of chiropractic degree in 6.5 years through our 3 + 1 agreements with the undergraduate institutions below.

Bachelor's Degree

You can get your prerequisites at any accredited 4-year institution. The colleges listed below have specific pre-chiropractic programs to help you prepare.

Bloomfield College


Bloomfield, NJ
Carolyn Spies
973-748-9000 ext. 315
Pre-Chiropractic Program

Ferrum College
Harrisburg Area Community College

Harrisburg Area Community College
Harrisburg, PA
Mary Fourlas

Indiana University of Pennslyvania
Mid Michigan Community College

Mid Michigan Community

Harrison, MI
Mt. Pleasant, MI
Linda Jensen
Transfer Agreement

Middlesex County College

Middlesex County College
Edison, NJ
Elizabeth B. Pajauis
Fax: 732-906-4655

Middle Tennessee
Mount Aloysius College
Palm Beach State College

Palm Beach State College
Lake Worth, FL
Kathy Gamble,
Academic Coordinator

Pontifica Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico

Pontifica Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico
Ponce, PR
Dr. Juan Acevedo
787-841-2000 ext. 162

Spartanburg Community College

Spartanburg Community College
Spartanburg, SC
Dr. Gail Jones

Spartanburg Methodist College

Spartanburg Methodist College
Spartanburg, SC
Admissions Office

Universidad Central De Bayamón

Universidad Central de Bayamón
Bayamón, PR
Rolando Rivera Vega

University of South Carolina – Upstate